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AUGUST 13th-15th, 2015

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Thank you for your interest in the Wahls Protocol – In Person Seminar

Here is your chance to buy a ticket for the Live In Person Event The Wahls Protocol™ Seminar.

Save the Date

On August 13-15th at the Marriot in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I will offer another seminar where you can meet me in person and learn to transform your health simply by changing what you eat and what you do each day.

In this seminar, I will teach you, just as I teach the patients in my therapeutic lifestyle clinic, the Functional Medicine principles you can use to rebuild your life. I will explain why these changes are so powerful and then show you how to begin your journey.

As soon as you reserve your spot for this life-changing seminar, you will receive a medical symptoms questionnaire to complete. You will be asked about the health of your parents prior to your conception, the health of your mom during her pregnancy with you, how many courses of antibiotics you’ve had in your life and how young you were when you first took antibiotics, toxin exposures over your lifetime, and episodes of major stress. We will help you use this information to complete your Functional Medicine Timeline and your Functional Medicine Matrix, which will give you new insights about how diet, lifestyle, and environment contributed to the health challenges you are experiencing now.

This seminar is priceless!

Seeing a functional medicine practitioner privately often costs many thousands of dollars, and the waiting period for an appointment can be more than 9 months – if there is even a practitioner in your area. Instead of waiting to spend a lot of money, you can come to our seminar, create a timeline of your health, and better understand the intersection of a lifetime of diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors that created the health state you have today. The insights are invaluable.

People call from all around the globe to see Dr. Wahls, but she does not see patients privately. The best way to take control of your health using her expertise is to attend this seminar. Last year’s attendees came from around the world to work with Dr. Wahls. This year we’ve expanded the venue and lengthened the program to three days. You will have access to a private Facebook group and a membership site with audio and video lectures and printed materials that will be updated for a year. At this seminar you will meet others who are ready to restore their health and vitality and want support during this journey.

Don’t delay. Space is limited!

Seminar Details

During the seminar, you will:

Learn the difference between Functional Medicine and conventional medicine

Complete the timeline of your health story

Complete the Functional Medicine matrix using your timeline

Understand what key physiologies are often impacted and how to address those problems

Learn how environmental factors like diet, stress, toxin, activity level, and even the bacteria living in your bowels can create disease states

Learn how to speak to your primary care doctor about diet and lifestyle issues

Practice stress-reducing strategies

Review the Wahls™ Diet plans

Develop strategies for implementing the Wahls Protocol™ programs

Have your timeline and Functional Medicine matrix reviewed along with those of others in the group

Learn about exercise and how to select a physical therapist, exercise class, or personal trainer

Learn about electrical therapy and electrical therapy devices
Learn more about food sensitivity testing options and Functional Medicine evaluations

Establish your goals and determine which diet and lifestyle changes you will make

Brand-new additions to this year’s seminar this year:

Enhanced materials to help you complete the Functional Medicine Timeline and Functional Medicine Matrix more accurately

Testimonials from Wahls Warriors whose serious illnesses (including cancer and diabetes) have been helped by the Wahls Protocol™

Finding the internal motivation for you (and others) to adopt diet and lifestyle changes

How to improve your hormonal balance and improve sleep quality

How to use Yoga and Tai Chi for physical healing and mental well-being (regardless of disability level)

How a physical therapist can assist with improving function
How to use a therapeutic weighted vest (Balance Wear) to reduce pain and improve balance and gait

Demonstration of neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy session

Panel discussion on how adopting the Wahls Protocol™ impacted family members

The role of the microbiome in health, including fecal transplants

Epigenetics and how changing gene expression impacts health and disease

Growing your own food

How to cook at home more effectively when you have weak hands

Seminar Includes:

Private Facebook community

Wahls Protocol Annual Membership starting August 1st, 2015

Wahls Warrior Coaching: Lay attendees will have the first opportunity to sign up for the Wahls Protocol™ Coaching program (currently in development), which will include testing for licensing to use the term Wahls Protocol™ Coach.
Listing as having attended Wahls Protocol™ Seminar for one year for licensed health care practitioners and allied health professionals who attend the seminar. (Some restrictions apply; must submit license and/or certificate, complete agreement and sastisfactory test result.)

Limited Seating Available

I get phone calls from all over the world from people who want to make an appointment with me, who want help with their pain, brain fog, weakness, autoimmune problems, and many other symptoms. Unfortunately, I cannot see these people; my only clinics are at the VA Hospital, where I see veterans in the traumatic brain injury clinic and people with complex chronic health problems in a therapeutic lifestyle clinic. I don’t have a private practice so I can’t be your personal doctor.

That’s why I created this event. I want to bring health to as many people as I can. So join me for this life-changing three-day seminar. I will teach you all you need to know to get your health back on track.

Last year’s seminar sold out within 24 hours so reserve your spot now. Starting May 21, registration will increase by $200.


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Wahls Protocol™ Membership Site Content

The Wahls Protocol™ Membership site is designed to build on The Wahls Protocol, support you through diet and lifestyle changes, and connect you with your peers. The membership site offers:

Monthly video or audio seminar
Archived video and audio seminars from the prior months (quarterly members only)
Monthly challenges to improve your diet and lifestyle
PDFs detailing additional information not included in the book
Monthly Wahls Protocol Roundup in which Dr. Wahls discusses topics that were suggested by Wahls Protocol Members
The site has a new look and new categories:

Membership Schedule
Suggested Readings of the Wahls Protocol™
Featured Topic
Inspirational journal – Coming Soon!
Book and Movie Recommendations
Upcoming Seminars

Here is a sampling of the lectures scheduled for the next 12 months – These lectures will be a mix of audio only and videos.

Advanced Implement The Wahls Diet
Dr. Wahls talks to the public about the Wahls Diet. She gives people examples of what she is feeding her family, including two teenage children. Includes an extensive question and answer period.
The Critical Role of Exercise (audio)
Dr. Wahls talks about exercise, where to begin, and how to progress. Includes discussion how the use of physical therapist and how to utilize personal trainers.
Electrical therapy (audio)
Dr. Wahls talks about electrical therapy and also discusses microcurrent therapies, neuromuscular electrical therapy, and Russian protocol therapy. Discusses electrical devices, including the Continuum device, the most recent device that she uses.
The Obesity, Addiction, Starvation Triad
Dr. Wahls talks to the public about the link between micronutrient starvation, addiction and obesity. She then teaches the public how to design a diet that maximizes nutrients and allows you to be satiated and lose weight without being hungry.
Eating for a Healthier Brain And Straighter Teeth
Dr. Wahls talks to dentists and dental assistants about eating a diet to restore mineralization of teeth, improve the alignment of teeth and reduce the risk of gum disease, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)– Healing Broken Brains and Bodies
Dr. Wahls addresses the member of the local NAMI chapter, reviewing the nutritional needs of the brain and the science behind the links between diet quality and mental health risk. She also reviews the link between food allergies, toxin exposures, mold exposures and mental health issues. She concludes with specific diet and lifestyle recommendations for addressing mental health issues including anxiety, depression, learning disabilities and more.
Abundant Health From The Garden
Making the Wahls Diet more affordable begins with learning how to grow more of your own food, either in container gardens or in an edible landscape. Dr. Wahls teaches you how to easily begin growing food for your family.
Detoxication Using Wahls Protocol
Dr. Wahls discusses detoxification strategies to safely process the plastics, solvents, heavy metals and clear them from your system.
Hubbard Foundation (audio)
Dr. Wahls talks about the use of diet and lifestyle to address multiple sclerosis. Includes a discussion of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency and how damage to veins and arteries can be addressed using diet and lifestyle.
Dr. Wahls Conversation (audio) Wahls Protocol Roundtable
Dr. Wahls addresses a topic that has been submitted through the membership site
Trouble in Your Gut
Dr. Wahls talks about the bacteria, yeasts and parasites living in our bowels and how they influence the probably of developing cancer, autoimmunity, obesity and more. She also teaches us how to shift the bacteria to a healthier mix of species to improve your health and vitality.
Other topics will include Meditation, Vitamin D and Minerals, Detoxification, Working With Your Doctor, Gardening Tips

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Wahls Protocol™ Package

Wahls Protocol™ Package Special Offer

I’m offering a digital package and one month free access to the Wahls Protocol™ Membership Site. If you are already a member or you would like to become a member right away, you can signup without it affecting your membership.

Regular Offer $180, Your Special Offer $97

Wahls Protocol™ Package Content

The Wahls Protocol™ Package is designed to help you with the initial level of the Wahls Protocol™ . You will have access to the following videos:

Diet and Multiple Sclerosis – Lessons for Schizophrenia – pscyh GR audio $30
Help your cells take out the trash – audio $30
Iowa Dental Reviews – How to eat to protest and restore you teeth – audio $30
Dr. Wahls Talks about her experience as a progressive MS patient 2012 – audio $30
Is wheat your friend? – audio $30
Wahls Research Update – audio $30
Wahls Protocol™ Membership Site Content

The Wahls Protocol™ Membership site is designed to build on The Wahls Protocol™, support you through diet and lifestyle changes, and connect you with your peers. The membership site offers:

Monthly video or audio seminar
Monthly challenges to improve your diet and lifestyle
PDFs detailing additional information not included in the book
Monthly Wahls Protocol™ Roundup in which Dr. Wahls discusses topics that were suggested by Wahls Protocol™ Members


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