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Beyond Drug Therapy For MS-Related Fatigue

Fatigue is the number one reason people with MS leave the workforce. It is also a top complaint in my traumatic brain injury and therapeutic lifestyle clinics. Using conventional treatments for MS-related fatigue, people may experience very modest reduction in fatigue severity. Most MS neurologists push their patients to take disease-modifying drugs, but few talk to their patients about how to use diet and health behavior (i.e. lifestyle) changes to reduce MS-related fatigue and improve quality of life. That is because most neurologists have received little or no education on nutrition or on the health behaviors that are strongly associated with improving quality of life and reducing the need for medications for chronic disease symptoms.

Diet and lifestyle interventions are my area of expertise. I am a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa where I teach medical students and residents. I am also a patient with progressive MS and experienced 7 years of progressive decline despite seeing the top MS neurologists at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. However, based upon my review of the research, I created a dietary and lifestyle program that took me from a tilt-recline wheelchair (that I needed for four years) to being able to bike 18 miles with family in less than 12 months. It also resolved my fatigue completely in under six months.

As a result of my own dramatic response to diet and lifestyle interventions, how I understood health and disease was transformed. I also changed...





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The Wahls Protocol™ Membership site is designed to build on The Wahls Protocol, support you through diet and lifestyle changes, and connect you with your peers. The membership site offers:

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Dr. Terry Wahls

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  • I disagree with the American Heart Association claim that coconut oil is not a healthy foodstuff. June 20, 2017
    I disagree with the American Heart Association claim that coconut oil is not a healthy foodstuff. It is a traditional food that has been eaten in Asia for thousands of years without increased risk of heart disease or neurological disease. Coconut oil is composed of medium chain triglycerides and lauric acid. These fats are saturated […]
    Callie Reger
  • Not sure about function medicine? June 12, 2017
      Functional Medicine helps not only treat and prevent chronic illness, but drastically improves the health and performance of those who follow the protocol. View the first video in a series hosted by my good friend and Wahls Certified Health Professional, Dr. Ken Sharlin of Sharlin Health and Neurology. Dr. Sharlin will be a speaker […]
    Callie Reger
  • “Whats With Wheat?” Now on Netflix in North America June 8, 2017
    The cutting edge documentary “What’s With Wheat?” spills the ‘grains’ on the devastating effect of wheat on the world’s health. Fifteen leading figures in the world of nutrition, including me and Dr. David Perlmutter are featured in this documentary, created and produced by the Changing Habits team. Find out how the chemical hybridization of wheat became […]
    Callie Reger
  • ADRENAL FATIGUE EXPLAINED: This is Karen’s Story May 14, 2017
    A guest post from Dr. Ken Sharlin: Karen was the third person to see me in the past couple of weeks with nearly the same medical history. She is a registered nurse who worked until the birth of her now 15-month-old child. Her symptoms started post-partum. She developed neck and upper back pain followed by […]
    Callie Reger
  • 3 Chemicals to Avoid in Daily Living April 17, 2017
    A Blog post from Alan Bell: Nearly 25 years ago, I came down with a mysterious illness that posed not just an obstacle to my promising career as a prosecutor, but a near-death sentence. Forced to live in an isolated bubble in the Arizona desert for a decade, I saw that promising career evaporate and my marriage […]
    Callie Reger
  • The High Cost of Today’s Drug Therapy, Part 2: How I Saved My Health and My Money April 7, 2017
    Autoimmunity is a condition where the body’s immune cells are confused and attack healthy and undamaged parts of the body, leading to problems like inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, asthma, or multiple sclerosis, depending on which cells are confused. Most specialists rely on immune suppression to stop these unnecessary attacks.  But drugs alone […]
    Callie Reger
  • The High Cost of Today’s Drug Therapy – What Your Physician May Not Be Telling You-Part 1 April 5, 2017
    There are 75 million Americans with pain, fatigue, brain fog, and autoantibodies. Of those, 25 million have enough damage that physicians can make a specific autoimmune diagnosis, and many of those are diagnosed with more than one autoimmune disease. In the 300 years since physicians began diagnosing autoimmune conditions, the rates of autoimmune disease have […]
    Callie Reger


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  • Everyday Matters: A Positive Program for People with MS June 21, 2017
    Many years ago, not long after my MS diagnosis, my cousin gave me a “gratitude journal.” At that time, I was all too aware of what I was not grateful for. The thought of giving thanks was daunting. But the journal suggested writing down just three things a day and keeping it simple: A cup of […]
    Judy Lynn
  • How Pilates Changed My Life … and My MS, Part Four, Addendum: Home Gym For $100 June 21, 2017
    Earlier this year, I visited a physical therapist I’d seen way back in my running days to devise a home workout routine that could help me address not only foot drop-related issues, but also a routine I’d actually do. One of the challenges I have with PT is doing multiple exercises multiple times every day, […]
    Mike Knight
  • Fatigue and Reduced Leg Function Can Signal Transition to Progressive MS, Study Reports June 21, 2017
    Fatigue and limited leg function are more common among older people with progressive multiple sclerosis than in those with relapsing forms of the disease, according to a study. In fact, they are a sign that the disease of a person with relapsing MS is becoming worse by reaching the progressive MS stage. The researchers hope these […]
    Joana Fernandes, PhD
  • Harvard Study Finds No Link Between Clinical Exams and MRIs in Some MS Patients June 21, 2017
    Physical disability may have no link to brain lesion volume in some patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), concludes a recent study led by Dr. Rohit Bakshi, a neurology and radiology professor at Harvard Medical School. The study, “Characterizing Clinical and MRI Dissociation in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis,” appeared in the Journal of Neuroimaging. MS patients manifest their disease in many forms, […]
    Jose Marques Lopes, PhD
  • What Causes Multiple Sclerosis? June 21, 2017
    Despite being relatively well-known, there is often some doubt surrounding the causes of multiple sclerosis. According to the National MS Society, there are various factors which could contribute to someone developing MS. Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a disease that can affect the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. The effects vary from person to person, from […]
    Becca Handley



Medical Marijuana

RSS Marijuana Doctors – Medicinal Marijuana

  • Marijuana for Hangovers June 20, 2017
    The age-old debate between alcohol and marijuana rages on. Alcohol is legal and socially acceptable in most circles and tends to be the first choice of recreational drug users. In fact, most drinkers do not even consider themselves drug users. Marijuana, on the other hand, is against the law and carries some stiff penalties for […]
  • Marijuana for Addiction Treatment June 19, 2017
    The application of medical cannabis as a treatment therapy for those suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, dependence, or addiction is seldom discussed — at least not in the comparison to the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of the symptoms and treatments of diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDs, cerebral palsy and others. These seem […]
  • Temporary Regulations Set for Medical Marijuana Doctors in PA June 13, 2017
    As 2017 pushes forward, so does Pennsylvania’s Department of Health, which is developing the state’s Medical Marijuana Program for a 2018 release. So far, the department has built its Medical Marijuana Physician Workgroup, as well as opened and reviewed applications for growers, dispensaries and labs. The department’s latest step is the release of temporary regulations […]

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Clinical Trials

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  • Asthma - Lenexa KS June 21, 2017
    Analab Clinical Research is currently seeking volunteers 18 years or older for a clinical research study evaluating the safety and effectiveness of an investigational medication in patients with moderate to severe asthma. You may qualify for this study if you: Are 18 years and older Have been diagnosed with asthma Are currently on a daily […]
  • Diabetes - Las Vegas June 21, 2017
    Click image to enlarge
  • Diabetes - Henderson NV June 21, 2017
    Click image to enlarge
  • High Triglycerides - Lakeland FL June 21, 2017
    Meridien Research needs volunteers for a research study of a medication designed to lower triglycerides.No medical insurance is required.


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